Handle currency trading
with ease.

Online Platform - Handle currency trading with ease

Our platform gives you real-time visibility and puts you firmly in control of all your trading activity. Our intelligent tools will help you manage foreign exchange fluctuations, consolidate multiple conversions and maintain multi-currency balances – all in one place. It allows you to easily manage and automate tedious payment processes so you can keep pace with today’s realities.

Bulk upload tool

Handle multiple beneficiaries and thousands of conversions and payments – all in one go.

Our simple bulk upload tool takes the pain out of handling multiple conversions and payments. Upload thousands of transactions in one payment file at the click of a button via our easy-to-use web interface. All saving you time and money, with minimal error, investment or risk.

Conversion manager

Handle conversions with ease.

It allows you to take control and manage your trades without our help – wherever you are and whenever you need to. Get full visibility of any potential financial impact before making changes, to help drive smarter business decisions and manage your FX exposure. Save time and money by managing it all yourself, without needing to call the advisor.

Payment tracking tool

Use our payment trace and tracking functionality, removing the need to contact customer support.

Our payment tracking tool gives you complete visibility and transparency over any payment you have sent via the SWIFT network. It allows you to quickly find missing or delayed payments and gives you complete certainty when funds have arrived in a beneficiary account.


Our sanction screening and AML monitoring removes any risk.

As a regulated money services entity, compliance is our top priority. Our dedicated team and state-of-art software carries out AML monitoring, sanction checks and oversight controls.


We are end to end encrypted.

This means that all your data and money is secure with us.

Your complete toolkit to managing your currencies

Conversion manager
Handling conversions with ease
Multi-currency accounts
Hold balances in multiple currencies
Beneficiary validation
Real-time validation and verification of beneficiaries
Access reports at the click of a button
Managing money movement
Two-factor authentication (2FA)
Keeping you safe
Tracking transactions with ease
Forwards and drawdowns
Managing your foreign exchange exposure
Grow and scale your business the smart way

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